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Body Care

Body Care

Indulge in the rejuvenating world of Korean body care with our wide range of products designed to pamper your skin and enhance your self-care ritual. Experience refreshing body washes, gentle body scrubs and hydrating lotions to keep your skin looking as beautiful as ever!

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Ceramide Ato Lotion - 350mlCeramide Ato Lotion - 350ml

Ceramide Ato Lotion - 350ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 109.00
AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Clear Body Cleanser - 400gAHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Clear Body Cleanser - 400g
Vegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub - 200 mlVegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub - 200 ml

Vegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub - 200 ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 109.00
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Fresh Moisture Scrub Wash - 400mlFresh Moisture Scrub Wash - 400ml

Fresh Moisture Scrub Wash - 400ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 89.00
Anti-Blemish Body Lotion - 200 mlAnti-Blemish Body Lotion - 200 ml

Anti-Blemish Body Lotion - 200 ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 105.00
Fresh Moisture Body Wash - 500mlFresh Moisture Body Wash - 500ml

Fresh Moisture Body Wash - 500ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 95.00
Fresh Moisture Body Lotion - 350 mlFresh Moisture Body Lotion - 350 ml

Fresh Moisture Body Lotion - 350 ml

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 119.00

Effortless smoother and healthier skin

Body Care Solutions for beautifully nourished skin

Elevate your daily body care rituals by incorporating our selection of bestselling K-Beauty body cleansers, lotions and exfoliating products for smoother, more radiant skin.

A range of gentle body scrubs like the Fresh Moisture Scrub Wash and Vegan Kombucha Coffee Scrub help gently scrub away dead skin cells and reveals smoother, more hydrated skin. While chemical body exfoliators containing AHA and BHA work gently to reveal a brighter complexion, smooth skin texture and tackle pesky body acne issues.

Deeply nourishing and repairing body moisturizers like the Ceramide Ato Lotion is the perfect hydrating and anti-aging solution for dry, rough and scaly skin. Specialized body acne products like Anti-Blemish Body Lotion effectively prevents clogged pores, minimizing acne while working double time to fade post-acne hyperpigmentation.

Discover the superiority of our Korean body care range and experience healthier, more even toned and deeply nourished skin!